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Aalborg – Bergen

22.06. – 29.06.2024



Some kind of sailing experience recommended.


June 22 - 29, 2024 → 8 Days


5 Crew (double cabin) + 1 Skipper

Your vessel

Ovni 43


Sailing Marathon

Transfer from/to Airport

By bus or train.


Primary language: German
Secondary language: English


We have an active setup. We will provide professional Cameras and Drones to captures all the amazing experience's.

From Dennmark to Norway

Our Mission is to take Svalbard from Aalborg, Danmark to Bergen in Norway in 7 Days. We have got 350 nm to cover wich means we will have to do about 60 nm a day to bee there on time.   This means 10 houhrs of saling a day and at least one 24 hour leg. 

To achieve this task we need people that want to go to there limit and we can actually rely on. You don’t need to have a ton of sailing experience, but you should know how you performe under a lot of stress. 

Not only are we working on a tough time scale, but we are also facing the challenging waters an weather of the north Atlantic. 

This isn’t merely a holiday—it’s a actually adventure that will push you to your limits and beyond.

Sailing Adventure

Prepare for challenges you will not forget. 


Svalbard is on a long journey from Greifswald, Germany to Bergen in Norway and up Shetland in Scotland. 

We are on leg 3 from Aalborg to Bergen.

Leg 1: Greifwald – Copenhagen 

Leg 2: Copenhagen – Aalborg 

Leg 3: Aalborg – Bergen 

Leg 4: Bergen – Shetland – Orkney – Bergen 


Since we only have a week to complete Leg 3 its going to be tough challenge to do it in time. 

North Sea
Nature and Landscape

Explore the untamed beauty of the challenging waters of Scotland.


Discover the untouched beauty of the Norwegian coast on a sailing adventure through its ancient waterways. Watch as whales breach the surface, seals frolic in the waters, and seabirds glide overhead. Depending on when you set sail, you might be treated to the mesmerizing Northern Lights or the endless daylight of the Midnight Sun, casting the breathtaking landscapes in extraordinary light.

This journey is a deep dive into the heart of Norway’s natural wonders, offering a tranquil escape to some of the planet’s most magnificent scenery. Prepare for an awe-inspiring experience that showcases the best of nature’s creations, making this trip an unforgettable highlight of your adventures.


nepomuk grill

28 years old
Professional sailor from Kiel 
Licenses: SB, SRC, SKS,

I learned to sail 10 years ago and have been working as a sailing instructor, skipper, and yacht transporter across Europe for the last 6 years. Over the past 3 years, I have increasingly focused on yacht sailing and aim to explore the northern parts of Europe. Norway, Scotland, Iceland, Greenland, and perhaps even further.

Going to sea means constantly living with change, never taking anything for granted, always receiving lessons in humility because you can never master the sea. When at sea, you experience the true meaning and  insignificance of humankind.

Your Boat


Name: Svalbard
Type: Ovni 43
Bearths: 8 + 2
LOA: 12.9 m 


Comfort for 8 crew + 1 skipper


  • One bathroom
  • 2 warm showers
  • Dining table for 8 
  • Dinghy
  • A-symmetrical spinnaker
  • Life raft
  • GPS Navigation 
  • Safety equipment
  • Wind and solar power


Casting of at: Aalborg - Denmark

Going to: Bergen - Norway



Part 1: Danisch fords – 75 nm

Part 2: Skagerrak crossing – 100 nm

Part 3: Viking coastline – 130 nm 

Part 4: Norwegian fords + Bergen – 30 nm  




Some kind of sailing experience recommended.


June 22 - 29, 2024 → 8 Days


6 Crew (double cabin) + 1 Skipper

Your vessel

Ovni 43


Circumnavigating the Highlands​

Transfer from/to Airport

By bus or train.


We have an active setup. We will provide professional Cameras and Drones to captures all the amazing experience's.

NOT Included:

Additional costs

Food and harbour fees will be devided by the crew.
Usulaly that amounts in 200€ per week.

Other Info:

Destination Hihlights

- Staffa
- Tobermory
- Ill of Skye
- Pentland Firth
- Orkney
- Loch Ness

Don't forget

- Credit Card
- Personal Extreme Sports Insurance
- European Valid Visit Visa
- Valid Passport


Depending on the route we pick we will be traveling between 290 nm and 480 nm.

live tracking

Ensuring safety is paramount for all adventurers. That’s why we’ve developed a live tracking system for this sailing trip for our Explorers. With it, you can easily monitor the crew’s status and track their location and route in real-time.

Live tracking accessible in:

This Adventure is Live now. Go to the live adventures page and stay updated!

Frequently Asked
Questions     >>

This particular trip is labeled as “adventure“, one of three levels. 

  1. Journey 
    A trip to get familiar with this specific way of traveling. No experience required.
  2. Adventure
    A trip that will challenge you and lets you explore your limits. You should have some idea of the kind of challenge you are getting yourself into, since we can not simply turn around when you feel a little uncomfortable.
  3. Expedition
    This is where the real fun begins. We set out for a challenge of a lifetime. Though in line with all necessary safety measures, we push all limits and exceed them. Being a true exploration, not all aspects can be planed. And things that are, will probably turn out different. We need everyone on board the team to be able to take responsibility, since our safety is going to depend on one another. 
    To join an expedition you should have a good understanding of what you do. To insure this we gather a team that is fit to meat the challenge, you will have to apply and together we will find out, if this is the right trip for you.

If you are not sure if this is the right level for you, feel free to contact your guide any time. Often a quick talk can clarify all uncertainty.

Nepomuk Grill 
Tel.: +49 157 89 23 43 45
[email protected] 

 On the kind of adventures we conduct you are more then just a guest. You are part of a team, a team that may need a certain amount of crew. In case of a cancelation we will have to try to replace that missing crew.

Generally a full refund is possible with in the first 24 hours of booking

If you can finde someone to take your place and they are fit for the trip we refund all payments. 

If we can find someone to replace you, 80% off your payments will be refunded. 

We strongly recommend to have a travel insurance in case you can not join the trip due to a medical condition. 

Here is a link to a packing list for sailing. LINK


No meals are included. 

The crew will plan all meals and buy all necessary provisions before casting of and prepare the meals while under way. All dietary requirements can be met this way. This trip will be especially vegan friendly, meaning on board cooked meals are vegan. Still non vegan food items or snacks may be added for individual crew members.

Restaurants can be visited when ashore. 

Bein safe is the most important. Bad weather is relativ to the specific crew. Since we travel with a CE certified class A Vessel designed to withstand extreme high levels of wind and waves, most weather conditions are not that dangerous to us. 

Naturally we will seek shelter in the nearest harbour if the crew is not fit to handle the weather. Allthough it is not always possible to hide from a storm

If a storm ist predicted while located in a marina, we will act accordingly to the recommendation of the local authorities.

Thunderstorms will be avoided at all costs. 

Yes, due to liabitiy reasons you can join from the age of 18. 

We might be able to make exceptions, so feel free to contact us. 

Regarding a maximum age we are flexible. Age is but a mere number. Important ist your fitness and your state of mind. 

Sustainability     >>

We recognize the importance of preserving and protecting our planet for our future generations.

  • 15% of our resources are dedicated to education
  • 1% of our profit is paid as planet tax
  • 1 tree is planted for every adventure trip created or booked in our platform

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